The Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyers' Association was created with the intent to level the playing field. The District Attorney's Office has the resources of the government against the private citizen. This organization is our attempt at trying to give our clients the best chance to defend themselves.

The Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association has been in existence Since 1995. The organization was originally established by 8 lawyers, who began meeting together :George Roland, John Hardin, Paul Stuckle, Don Crowder, Mike Curran, Chris Hoover, Don McDermott, and Rick Weaver.

We provide support, training, and legal education to our members to promote the highest quality of legal representation in the Collin County criminal justice legal system. We have grown to 80 plus members through the years.

We are a group of practicing criminal defense attorneys with diverse and varied backgrounds, but with the common goal of steadfastly protecting the legal and constitutional rights of our clients.